Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Rakr?

Rakr is a new ag-tech company, based in Toronto, Ontario, that develops innovative tools to help farmers control revenue by operating more efficient and sustainable operations.

What is the NeatMeter?

A new innovative on-farm monitoring device that tracks and manages energy use in barn equipment. Using real-time information, the NeatMeter sends alerts to a farmer’s smartphone when maintenance is needed, and then calculate the savings when the repair/upkeep is complete

Why should I consider installing a NeatMeter?

The biggest reason to use a NeatMeter is to save money. Tracking energy use identifies barn equipment that needs repairs or upkeep, called predictive maintenance. Addressing maintenance needs before you are faced with unscheduled and costly disruptions and downtime will save time and money in lost productivity.

How does the NeatMeter calculate the cost savings for my farm?

When the recommended maintenance is complete, the NeatMeter calculates and tracks the cost savings based on local utility rates, equipment depreciation costs, replacement parts, service fees and lost productivity.

Is it complicated to install a NeatMeter?

No. It’s very simple. The NeatMeter is plug and play, and your local electrician connects it to your barn electrical panel. Once installed, the NeatMeter identifies barn equipment to monitor and then prompts you to confirm the information detected.

Does the NeatMeter only make sense for large farms?

No, The NeatMeter is a great fit for any farm looking to save money by protecting the value of equipment investments, and track assets and asset depreciation with greater accuracy.

What does Rakr do with the data collected on my NeatMeter?

All data collected on your farm is protected and only shared if you choose. NeatMeter monthly user fee rates are based on how much – if any – of your data you choose to share.


What is the Rakr app?

A new free app that manages, schedules, and tracks preventative maintenance on barn equipment and calculates costs savings when recommended maintenance is complete. 


I have older equipment, can the Rakr app and NeatMeter still track maintenance for my farm?

Yes. The app and NeatMeter monitor all makes and models of barn equipment that’s manufactured from 2005 and newer.


I don’t have a reliable have reliable high-speed internet, can I still use the NeatMeter and/or the Rakr app?


Yes. The information provided to users of the app and NeatMeter is always accessible, regardless of local connectivity, from the Rakr Cloud.

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