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Many farmers cannot use precision agriculture tools because of their complete reliance on an Internet connection.


To mitigate this issue, Rakr plans to implement a specialized form of machine learning where the majority of computing happens locally and only essential data needs to be sent to the server.


The end-user will be able to access their data in near real-time via variety of methods like an online portal, mobile application, or SMS subscription.


how we


Rakr developed a clean-tech smart sensor solution called the NeatMeter. This device will help farmers:

  • Monitor their daily electricity usage and cost

  • Tracks every machines in operation to detect energy hogs

  • Predict maintenance of every machine on a farm through a proprietary machine learning solution



​​Rakr's NeatMeter is a device that will help dairy farmers monitor their daily electricity consumption, track the cost of their power intake, and predict maintenance of vital operational equipment prior to it likely breaking down and affecting operations.