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How can Canadian Agriculture achieve sector growth?

As the world’s fifth leading agricultural exporter, Canada’s food system contributes over $114 billion to the GDP every year. In 2017, our agri-food exports reached a total of $63.9 billion – and the sector looks poised to keep growing, with an expected growth of 3.8% in 2019.

These numbers are inspiring to read, but there are several key barriers that may soon slow us down. The best solution to these issues? Understanding where they come from and how to best address them. Do you have the tools to take on the future of agribusiness and supply management in Canada?

Emerging Hurdles

To continue our global sales, Canadian farmers may soon need to expand their horizons. At the moment, our agri-food sector is focussed predominantly on exporting to the USA (with our southern neighbours accounting for 54% of all agri-food exports), despite the many profitable opportunities in other markets.

According to AAFC, about 80% of Canadian exporters rely on the U.S. for the majority of their overseas agribusiness, with reasons that ranged from logistical issues in moving to other markets, to uncompetitive pricing and a lack of experience.

Another emerging challenge is the shrinking number of young people entering the agriculture sector. As our farming demographic gets older, we’re seeing more reluctance to embrace new agri-tech developments and automated data-based solutions that can increase productivity and efficiency in our farms. Lawmakers have also been slow to update protective regulations that could ease concerns around privacy, leaving individual farms to manage the safety of their data with private agri-tech businesses.

Giving the Sector a Boost

One of the biggest ways that we can inject new life into Canadian agriculture is to reach out to bright young farmers, encouraging their success in the field. With fresh faces comes innovative ideas for sustainability and growth across the country. Existing farms should be ready to embrace these sustainable methods for the benefit of both the environment and the future of agribusiness.

Data-driven systems can be utilised to give our local agriculture sector an edge in the global market. Working with transparent and forward-thinking agri-tech companies can give you the right tools to automate large, repetitive processes and focus on finding solutions to bigger problems.

One common barrier faced by many farmers is to manage their energy consumption as they introduce these technologies. To solve this problem, devices like the Rakr NeatMeter can help you find and maintain the perfect balance.

At the end of the day, our agriculture sector will depend on farmers embracing new ideas to expand their horizons and target new consumers across the world market, as well as the use of smart agri-tech developments to increase production and solve common issues,

To learn more about how data can make a difference on your farm, please feel free to get in touch with us any time.

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