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Why is Agriculture critical for Canadian growth?

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

Canada is a bright and booming country, made up of many diverse and developing sectors. From our famous sports to our technological advancements, we’re known for shaking things up. But what about agriculture? The truth is, if each sector in Canada is a cog in the overall machine, then our great farms are one of the most important pieces – especially when it comes to securing our continued growth and success.

To understand the true impact of Canadian agribusiness, exporting and farming, let’s take a look at why agriculture remains critical for our nation today.

Fuelling the Economy

We think it’s fair to say that the biggest thing we can hope for from any sector is to give the economy a quantifiable and ongoing benefit. That’s why agriculture reigns supreme over here, where Canadian exports of agri-food, seafood and other agriculture to the worldwide stage hit $64.6 billion in 2017, making us the world’s fifth-highest exporter by value.

It’s clear that agriculture holds the key to keeping our economy going strong, with the government aiming for a target of $75 billion in exports by 2025.

Beyond our overseas performance, the ag industry in Canada is a top employer – providing one in eight jobs across the country (that’s over two million Canadians). That means, statistically, either yourself or someone you know has ties to the agriculture community. This interconnectedness lets us all work together to create an industry that is truly unique and helps our great country to thrive.

Investing in Our Future

It’s always useful to talk about the triumphs of today, but what about the future? When we talk about agriculture, many consumers still think about the sector in rigidly-defined boxes – when in fact, we know that our industry produces everything from the food we eat to ingredients used in safety devices, beauty products and more. Making sure that the people who buy from us understand the reach and importance of agriculture will be key to funding our country’s future through this sector.

To engage with consumers, we need to embrace transparency and look at new technologies that help us to keep improving safety and efficiency. Right now, Canada ranks number one in the overall world ranking of food safety performance; this achievement comes in part from local farmers utilising agritech to automate many repetitive or dangerous tasks and focus more on problem solving. Of course, with more technology comes increasing electricity costs – which is where devices like the Rakr NeatMeter can save you time and money.

If we can keep pioneering in agritech and consumer relations, then Canadian agriculture will continue to boost our economy and all related enterprises in the future.

Ultimately, what sets Canada apart from the global market is our farmers’ genuine love for what they produce. If we combine that dedication with top-quality exports and cutting-edge innovations, Canada’s agriculture will remain the powerhouse it is today.

Here at Rakr, we also believe in the power of passion and progress. We know our farmers deserve the best, and as locals we’re invested in your future. Contact us now to see how the NeatMeter can let you optimize your automation while keeping costs low.

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